Deborah McDonnell

Welcome to Aphrodite Photography.


I am Deborah McDonnell and my goal is to create you a portrait,

a work of art. Eyes are the window to our soul. I capture the essence of you through the lens, I see your soul and discover your inner beauty.

After styling for many years and living in Zurich I worked with and fell in love with the process of portrait photography.

I have since moved back to the UK and have continued my journey and love of portraiture, this time also behind the lens .

I work for private clients on a one to one basis in my private studio to create a modern, timeless image of you and/or your loved ones in an elegant and beautifully composed basis.

My aim is to make this process a beautiful ,fun, fulfilling and confidence building  journey for you.

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Emma Poole

I am Emma Poole. I’ve worked in the Hair industry for 28 years and have learnt a lot about women and the importance of Great Hair.

A Good hair day can give any woman confidence from within, and with Confidence breeds Beauty. I will help capture that beauty on your portrait in a relaxed, fun environment with Deborah.

We vibrate good energy into the souls of others, making them never forget the beauty in theirs, then we capture it on camera.